It was an amazing experience having my eco-fashion collection photographed and styled by Aleira!
The way Aleira was able to convey and capture the mood, texture, light and spirit within my collection was beyond anything that I could have imagined.
Aleria you are an amazingly skilled artist, photographer and stylist, you are a beautiful person and an absolute dream to collaborate with!
Thank you so much.
— Evaleen Motoska
I have had the pleasure of working with Aleira across a few different projects.
She is such an exceptional photographer and her attention to detail and what she captures in her subjects is truly phenomenal.
I have always felt uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but through Aleira’s guidance was able to surrender and trust in the process.
I am always so amazed at the end product. Aleira captures something much deeper, really glimpsing into the essence of each being in front of her lens.

Cannot recommend this woman enough, you will walk away with pieces of art that you will cherish for life.
— Rebeckah Howson
If you need a truthful and reliable photographer, look no further.
I was honestly blown away with Aleira’s professionalism and attention to details that I hadn’t even considered, (like wardrobe selection).
Not only did she help me consider those aspects of the visual language I wanted to communicate but she was extremely supportive and available for emotional backup, as photo shoots can sometimes bring up certain vulnerabilities and sensitivities.
Aleira was a soft and strong guide through some of my roughness and I was forever grateful when she intuited I needed to hear a few words that really helped us close our session, and feel the truth of what I needed to hear.
— Sarah Alexander