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aleira moon about me.

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Expression. art. essence.

Hey You!
I’m a lover of anything art related, & consider myself a multi modal creative (djing/painting/poetry/teaching embodiment workshops/dance) with a deep place in my heart for sacred sexuality and ritual magic.
I specialize in Art Portrait Photography, capturing the true essence of the people I get the pleasure to shoot with & reflecting back their unique story & vibe for the world to witness & fall in love with too.

I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia, but travel for work both nationally & internationally.

If you’re feeling the call to shoot with me, please don’t hesitate to get in contact by sending me a message!
Let’s create magic together! :)



‘Cosmos & Earth, Solo Exhibition’ Second Story Studios, Collingwood


‘Kodak Salon’ Center for Contemporary Photography, Collingwood


’Click’ Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy


’Kodak Salon’ Center for Contemporary Photography, Collingwood


‘PSC Summer Exhibition’ Southbank.

    ‘Fresh ‘09 Graduate Show’ Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Abbotsford.

    ’Tokyo Big Site’ Design Festa, Tokyo, Japan.

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