Desert Connection


Joshua Tree National Park, was on my bucket list of places to visit for so many years.
The first time I tried to visit in 2013, the US government had closed certain national parks, and unfortunately it was one of them.
So it was my mission that I was going to get there in 2017!

Joshua Tree is just one of those places that has the ability to give you such an epic understanding of the word "Space", both figuratively and literally.
The desert has had such a special place deep in my heart, and even though I'm most definitely a lover of waterfalls and moss, the desert allows an expansiveness of my mind that is really only similar to meditation.

I honestly couldn't have imagined experiencing it in any other way, than merging the two things I love most (travel and creating art).
While I was having my love affair with the cacti, dirt and coyote, I had planned my first ever INTERNATIONAL photo shoot with an absolute powerhouse woman, Isobel.

Isobel had been aware of my work before I was overseas, and knew 100% that I was going to be the photographer to capture her essence as an embodied woman.
Isobel has trained as a Dancing Eros Facilitator, and I feel so excited for the women who will be embarking on the first ever International Dancing Eros course in Los Angeles!
Seriously, get in touch with Issi HERE if you're in the US and interested in a life changing course that will bring you more home to yourself than you could fathom.

When we physically met for the first time at 5am the morning of our shoot, I really felt that we were going to create some serious magic with each other.... and WOW I wasn't wrong!!!

I absolutely love to witness women allowing themselves to be in their full power and vulnerability, as it gives me an opportunity to drop deep into them and allow myself to become the creative vessel that can then hold up the mirror to show them themselves.
This is me being of service.
This is my way of combining my love of aesthetic beauty, and of being a permission granter.

I am so grateful that Isobel has allowed me to share these images with you from our shoot together.
For me, it turned out to be one of the most connected and grounded shoots I've ever done, and I had the absolute best time exploring the edges of the wild womxn, priestess and erotic mother.

If you feel the call to explore your own edges in a creative way, I'd love to be a part of that journey with you!

feel free to get in touch with me via email at:, leave a comment below, or use the form on my "about" page.

Injoy xx