Pregnancy Bliss

The Sweetness of Motherhood

I have had the absolute honour recently of shooting a few beautifully pregnant women before their first births, and I wanted to share a few images in particular from my shoot with Allie.

Allie and I had a session together late in 2017 for her wellness coaching business, she had mentioned she was feeling a bit tired and slower than normal, but at the time she just thought it might just be a bit of stress or general lethargy.

Her husband Jordan had been told a while ago that he was unable to bare children, so they had both made peace with the idea that biological children weren't going to be on the cards for them.
Little did they know ;)

I absolutely love when I make friends with the people I shoot with, because I get to be a part of their special stories unfolding!

Allie loved the result from what we had created the first time around, we had kept in contact during her pregnancy and she asked me to work with her again for a pregnancy shoot.
She looked so beautiful and radiant in her pregnancy, and with her permission I'm happy to share a few images from our time together <3

Wishing all the best to Allie and Jordan on their magical and wild parenthood journey ahead.

You can also see more of what Allie is all about on her website Here

In Joy,

Aleira xx

aleira moon