She the Free

This woman.
From the moment we met, we hit it off like wildfire.
I love these times when I meet someone to have our first time doing a shoot together, and we automatically are able to drop into such a deep space with each other.
A real natural bond of full trust and openness.

Zoe has been on a long and epic journey of full body love, she wanted to celebrate her connection and love for her self, so she approached me for a shoot.
Automatically being in her presence, I knew I was going to have such a fun time playing and going on a photographic journey together.

The day was absolutely incredible, we went to a special beach location in Byron Bay early morning, where we enjoyed having the beach practically to ourselves, besides a couple of surfers and another woman who was sun baking naked with her husband!
We enjoyed rolling around in the sand together, feeling all the sensations of having our naked bodies in the ocean with the warm sun beating down on our skin, and to our absolute surprise, we were joined by a pod of dolphins!!!.

I felt so connected with the experience, the playfulness of nature, and reiterating how intimacy can come in so many different forms.

Zoe is a self proclaimed "self and sexuality revolutionist", and I can definitely agree on that front!

Check a few of the snaps from our shoot together, and head to her website to check out more of her offerings.

aleira moon