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Weekend Getaway

Yes it's true that most of my photography is based around concept shooting, feminine empowerment and portraiture, but I'm just seriously all about capturing moments.

So when I was approached by Fern to shoot some personal photos of her, as well as some of her family, I was so excited as couple/family photos are something I have been interested in!

Fern invited me down to a special little Victorian coastal hideaway for the weekend with her partner Alex and their gorgeous little girl Phoenix.
It was a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and make sure we had enough opportunity to shoot, as the weather was changing dramatically from stormy to bright sun around that week.

I honestly feel like I am blessed by nature every time I go out on a shoot, as the weather could be super erratic either side of any given location shoot day, but when I head out it almost 100% becomes the most pristine and perfect conditions to shoot in!
(so this is me giving my absolute gratitude to the forces that be, thankyou thankyou thankyou for blessing me!!!!!).

So on the day of our shoot, we were met with the most magical velvet breeze, sun popping in and out from behind fluffy white clouds, and an absolutely breathtaking cotton candy sunset.
Fern was so happy with how the photos turned out, and I was too.
Here are some shots from our time together (there were some beautiful nude photos of Fern too, but those are going to stay a secret).


I'd love to do more lifestyle photography, so If you are thinking of capturing the essence of you and your love, your little family, or are interested in a one on one session with me and based in Melbourne, Byron Bay areas, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

In Joy,

Aleira xx

I'm Beautiful, Just like me - Chhuotmany

I was so honoured and humbled when I was approached by a woman named Chhuotmany, to go on a photographic journey with her.
She had been in a very deep discovery phase into her sexual self exploration, so she wanted me to help her capture her step into womanhood, and who she is at this time.

I really enjoy doing personal embodiement shoots with women, it really gives me a space to drop into a place of full reverence for another, and allow them to blossom into themselves while I capture their essence, and who they are in that moment with me.

Click the image below to open a new page, and read the blog post that she wrote in light of our experience together -

In Joy xx