Going deep is where the magic happens.

It can take a tremendous amount of courage to acknowledge what is not serving you well, to reach out for assistance & to share your deeply personal issues.
I see it as an absolute honor & a privilege to be a trusted witness & support for the people who cross my path.

Your spiritual growth can be enhanced by integrating the mind, body & spirit.
Therefore, I take a holistic approach that aims to consider all aspects of an individual’s life & how those aspects interrelate.
My approach is based in the more intuitive realms rather than straight up “talk therapy”, where we can navigate what is present for you through the use of art creation, ritual making, gestalt therapy processes & intuitive guidance in the moment.

This is informed by my background as a trained trans-personal art therapist, my knowledge of magick & witchcraft studies, western esotericism, hypnotherapy, meditation & breathwork, channeling & energy work & by the rich amount of people I have helped through my natural desire to support over the last decade of my life.

My ultimate goal is to assist people in developing tools & skills to achieve & maintain a sense of inner balance & to cultivate the inner wisdom necessary for a journey of lifelong spiritual development.

Our work together is about increasing the ways in which you get to live your life from your home, your most authentic self.
We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll get trippy, we’ll show the demons who is the boss & find the play & direction together.

available in person (Melbourne, Australia based) or via skype

Ideal for those who are looking to:

  • Feel freer to be themselves in any situation

  • Develop greater presence in life

  • Engage in moment to moment authentic relating

  • Be honest, ready to face themselves & dedicated to deep work

  • Not be pathologized & judged for whatever is real in the moment

  • Receive support that’s a little more left of center

I Work With:

  • Spiritual Emergence

  • Depression &/or Anxiety

  • "Loss" of self

  • Feeling stuck

  • Life changes & transitions

  • Feeling closed off & disconnected

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