aleira moon




Zapheria Bell

"Aleira Moon I LOVE YOU! I seriously just fell in love with myself a little more! I honestly believe that a photoshoot can be some of the most profound healing and my shoot with Aleira was next level amazing. Not only because I love the pics but the entire experience was something else.

The way she held space for me to just experience what was coming through for me on that day which happened to be some wild woman getting covered in mud in one of my old evening gowns and being able to let go of an old part of me. Followed by a beautiful, fun, sexy and liberating boudoir shoot.

My intention for the shoot was to completely let go of any need to look "good" and just BE in the moment. It seems just being in the moment and having space held by an amazing artist actually creates way more than "good" - more like EPIC."


Isobel Pennell

"Working with you felt like a deeper connection and portal to my truth as a woman.
I felt held, I felt seen and free to BE.
Your synergistic ability with creativity and seeing the bigger picture is beautiful. I was so in the archetypes that I wasn’t physically aware of the immense beauty around me.
I could feel and sense it all but you captured everything that I felt and where I once could have believed I was not part of nature clearly shows I am.
Thank you for your artistry, and love. and connection to the nature realms.
Love you. A whole bunch"


Susan Santoro

"I have worked with Aleira Moon on my website photography- on 2 separately styled shoots.
She was INCREDIBLE to work with.
Amazing infact!

Aleira is highly organised, creative, professional and just gets the vision.
She has an incredible way to make you feel at ease and always has your best intentions at heart.

Amazing pics and amazing results!"


Rebeckah Howson

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aleira across a few different projects.

She is such an exceptional photographer and her attention to detail and what she captures in her subjects is truly phenomenal. I have always felt uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but through Aleira's guidance was able to surrender and trust in the process.

I am always so amazed at the end product. Aleira captures something much deeper, really glimpsing into the essence of each being in front of her lens.

Cannot recommend this woman enough, you will walk away with pieces of art that you will cherish for life."


Shaney Marie

"The outcome of my shoot with Aleira Moon was so incredibly beautiful.
She captured me perfectly, with such grace and caught the magic of my soul with her lens.

Thank you honey!!! Cant wait to do it again!!"



Freya Vajra

"There was one thing that I was absolutely certain of for about four years from the first time I ever saw Aleira Moon's work, and that was 'She's the woman whose photos are going to brand my new website.'

When I got my photos back from Aleira I screamed with joy. I squealed. I gushed. I giggled. I ran into the other room to show my friend. I was so HAPPY because they were EXACTLY what I had asked for.

I am so grateful Aleira. You have helped me create a brand that I am proud of and that feels like a space with real longevity and capacity to reach people for the future. Thank you so much, It was also just really fun hanging out with you and receiving your amazing directive photo genius!

Work with someone who knows what they're doing. Work with a master, and if possible, work with the best.

Aleira, as far as I'm concerned is one of the best I have ever encountered."


Serra Stone

"Holy wow! I was super nervous going into the shoot, Aleira really went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable. Her calm grounded presence and genuine desire to create a positive experience were key for me. She made it easy, reminded me to breath and created a beautiful atmosphere with music, kind words and profound intention.
Aleira is so much more than just a photographer, the whole experience was super supportive in terms of developing my business, she gave me some great things to think about in terms of my branding and marketing and really helped me bring a lot of loose threads together.

Honestly, I'm just so thrilled with the whole experience, especially now that I have these stunning photos to show for it. Just do it, do yourself a favor and go for it, allow yourself to be seen though the eyes of this incredibly talented woman, she will see you in your truest beauty and capture it for the world to see."


Alexander Jenkins

"Aleira was playful, professional and skillful in working with me to capture what I wanted, and I found myself easily dropping in to my intentions during the shoot.

I had never done anything like this before and I'm glad my first experience was a lot of fun. And I couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out!

A fantastic day and final product, thank you."


Eloise Meskanen

"Aleira is a true artist, with a rare ability to create and capture your highest potential, authentic essence and radiant beauty in a relaxed and easy way.

She guided me through my camera-shy awkwardness with a calm, connected presence, helped me drop into my body at the start, and let go and trust the process.

The resulting photos blow. me. away. I am extremely picky about photography and wanted something more elegant and luminous than the standard personal brand lifestyle shoot. I got this, and so much more.

Somehow, Aleira captured not just my brand, but my soul. THANK YOU."


I recently had a shoot with Aleira that was just for me, and though I was feeling quite shy before it began (I’m by no means used to being in front of the camera), Aleira helped me feel completely at ease and when the photos came back they looked absolutely radiant.
Aleira is a true artist who completely captured the vision I had, and brought out the most beautiful images of shy ol’ me. I’d re book and recommend her without any hesitation :)
— Naomi
This woman takes the most magical photographs!
She allows you to feel at ease and open.
Aleira Moon captures beyond the surface. She captures your depth, brings out your inner beauty and allows your soul to shine in a way I have not seen ANY other photographer achieve.
From high end fashion to an intimate setting, she is versatile and such a pleasure to work with.
Working with her is an experience in itself!
— Stephanie
Aleira is simply amazing.
She is professional, precise and has a keen eye for detail in every aspect.
She took time prior to my photo shoot to really get a feel for what I was looking for. During the session, she made me feel so comfortable and when I received my photos, WOW...I was blown away.
Even if you don’t need photos taken for any particular reason, I would highly recommend experiencing Aleira’s magic!
— Laura