Play in your wildness, Nourish your sensual & creative side, Deepen your connection to the mystical realms, the earth & spirit.

It’s time for the Weird & Wild Witches to re-emerge!

Magick is one of the oldest pursuits of humanity & I personally define magick as the unique energy threads that run through everything, connecting it all together.

The navigation of magick has been practiced since the dawn of our time, in early tribal societies (and still today) & in secret by those who were persecuted by authorities from more organized religions.
It’s unfortunate that for so long this knowledge & natural state of being has been suppressed, hidden & shamed.

The dark ages are over (thank f**k) & it’s your BIRTH RITE to reclaim & celebrate your connection to the magick of life! I believe the best place to begin to navigate it from, is the heart of the curious inner child & the wild weird self, so we can integrate them & live a richer & more fulfilling “real word” existence.

Do you have a deep curiosity to explore & play in the realms both seen & unseen? To learn ways of connecting into the world of magick & the intangible? Is there a call from within you, that craves to be more in tune & work with the earth & it’s elements? Do you feel like there is more to your sensuality, your power & creativity that you desire to feel & understand?

This is why Walking The Worlds exists.

Walking the Worlds is a magical journey delivered weekly online live over 5 weeks, which will help you to solidify an incredible relationship with your inner wildness, nourish your infinite potential as a sensual & creative being, & ignite an intuitive connection to the mystical, the earth & the depths of your unique soul.

Humanity as a collective is currently going through a rite of passage, one that is calling us to open our hearts to remember our wild wisdom, to know inner freedom & re-establish a connection to the earth & to each other.

let’s be real though… most of us aren’t super keen to jump ship & head back to the forests to live simply again like hunter/gather tribes, but through playful explorations of ritual, sacred sexuality, ESP development, archetype work & art making (+ more), we can establish a profound connection to the magick which lies within the earth, cosmos & our soul, to carve a more conscious & wild path into the future together.

You are invited to embark on a journey where you can cultivate a relationship with the sacred, powerful & creative being that lives within you & find friendship with a tribe of similar spirited wildlings, who like you, are deeply desiring to expand their connection to themselves, the earth & the cosmos.

Walking The Worlds is an opportunity to learn how to stay connected to all of that, while still navigating your everyday life!

Read on, for more information about the different areas we will explore together on this journey…


↓essence of what we will be covering↓


Earth & Soul

aleira moon earthsoul.jpg

The wild in you is calling.

discover how to reconnect with the earth (& your self) in new & creative ways & learn how to tap deep into the unbound wilderness within you.

In the journey we will explore -

  • grounding techniques

  • connecting with elemental devas

  • guided meditation journeying

  • ritual, tools & sacred space creation

  • the soul & source relationship

  • crystal & herb knowledge & usage

Spirit & Cosmos

aleira moon spiritcosmos.jpg

Be the bridge of spirit to matter.

Where is the fun in being a human if you don’t get to be a bit woo woo too & play with the intangible? learn practices to help tap into the psychedelic & mystical self… without the psychedelics.

In the journey we will explore -

  • Ancient technology & sacred geometry

  • Dream work

  • Extra Sensory Perception development

  • Cosmology & Cosmogony

  • Spirit Guides & cosmic connection

  • Mundane to magick


The Inner Landscape

aleira moon innerlandscape.jpg

Your soul has landed here, it is no mistake… remember.

The point of being incarnate on this physical plane is to actually experience what it is to be human! Inevitably things happen & it can build up some interesting stories that stop our full radiance from shining. Let’s drop that.

In the journey we will explore -

  • archetypes & identity

  • Qi cultivation

  • cutting cords & shedding old layers

  • infusing art & play for emotional freedom

  • spell casting

Sensuality & Creativity

aleira moon sensualitycreation.jpg

You are sexy & creative af!

Our sensuality & creativity is deeply linked, so here is an opportunity to dive deeper into your relationship to your wild, inspired & juicy nature.
Time to own it babe!

In the journey we will explore -

  • sensual art creation

  • pleasure connection

  • sex magick

  • inner wild play

  • blood magick

  • element inspiration for creativity


Wild, Weird, Witch

aleira moon witch.jpg

You are connected, you hold the wisdom within.

Anchor everything you’ve learnt over the 5 weeks in a unique & creative way,
through art creation, self acknowledgement & being witnessed in your fullness as an embodied & creative wild witch.


what you will receive:

+ 5 weeks of magical explorations, education & homeplay
+ members only online portal (& lifetime access)
+ 1x group introduction live call & 4x weekly group video catchups
+ private facebook group for sharing & learning
+ consistent access to ask me any queries you may have over the 5 weeks



What people are experiencing

I felt the journey brought me back on track to where I wanted to be.

It’s easy to get busy with work and life, that you just start to drop things to the wayside.
This was a coming home for me, and a reminder of what I needed to do for me.
— Monique
Aleira has got such a beautiful energy & a really supportive nature.
She’s really good at making us all feel supported & open to us asking questions.
She makes it a safe space, to be vulnerable, to break some of our barriers down for us to discover more about ourselves.
— Lauren
I feel really connected with my spiritual and witchy self, moreso than I have been in quite a long time.

I was craving this sort of space in my life, and I feel my needs have been met.

I’ve now found a way to incorporate spiritual & ritual practices in my day to day existence, using the tips and tricks I’ve picked up through walking the worlds.
— Elysia

What does this journey involve?

Walking the worlds is an exploration designed to help empower, inspire, grow and support the inner wildness we all have within us.

This exploration is a fun opportunity to learn new ways of relating with yourself & to gain some new knowledge to take forward with you into your life, to use at any time you need.
This journey is designed to get you thinking creatively & become more attuned to the subtle realms, to help you better navigate the real world from a grounded but open place & help create new inner pathways of magical connection, pleasure, power, creativity, inspiration & play.



“I’ve done so many different workshops, what makes this different?”

This is something I hold dear to my heart!
Walking the Worlds incorporates many different practices and processes from lots of modalities & lineages I’ve studied, to ensure that the content is not just recycled information that you've heard a million times before. The intention is to journey together where you are gifted with valuable tools & skills that you can then take forward into your life, & use at any point in the future to help stay anchored to your unique magick.

“What type of people join the journey?”

This is open to everyone, of all orientations & colours. Walking the Worlds naturally attracts women to the journey, but I want to emphasize that men or those identifying as male, non binary or trans are definitely welcome!
Those who have dabbled in meditations/yoga/basics of spirituality will find this a really great way to deepen into your journey of understanding more about yourself, the journey also caters to those who have been exploring some magical things already & might be looking for a refresher or to perhaps try some practices they have never explored before.

“What happens if I miss the intro live session?”

All the incredible explorations are sent to you weekly via email, the intro live session will be recorded & downloadable for you to look over when you are ready.

"How do I know if this journey is for me?"

The journey is designed to help people to come more fully into their authentic, wild, magical, spiritual selves. This is to help you become a human who will have anchored a much better understanding of the way you can live a life connected to the earth, to magic & mystery, & know what it is to show up in the real world as a grounded, opened hearted, creative & attuned being.

Walking The Worlds Journey is currently running 27 May - 30 June

what you will receive:

+ 5 weeks of magical explorations, education & homeplay
+ members only online portal (& lifetime access)
+ 1x group introduction live call & 4x weekly group video catchups
+ private facebook group for sharing & learning
+ consistent access to ask me any queries you may have over the 5 weeks

can you hear the call wild one?


$349 AUD


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