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Walking The Worlds


A Transformational Journey

First Journey Completed: Sep 6th 2018

Imagine a space where you are allowed full permission to be all that you are, no shame and no restriction. A space where you can connect with a tribe of similar spirited women, are guided to remember your innate magical connection to the earth and the cosmos, and surrender into love of the sacred, powerful, creative, and sexy soul that lives within that amazing body of yours..

This is an 8 week transformational journey through the Chakra System, that delves into many practices and processes which will help you to really solidify an incredible foundation of self, nourish your infinite potential as an engaged, sexual and creative being, and reignite an intuitive connection to magick, spirit, ritual and powerful grounded presence.

Walking The Worlds is a journey that calls for the hearts that crave depth, who desire more clarity in their relating to self and to other, and seek new portals of transformation.

Through utilizing shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, magick and creative therapeutic processes, you will unlock a stronger relationship with your soul, and learn how you can truly show up in the world as a blazing warrior of love, with sharp intuition and a radiant open heart.

Read on, for more information about the different areas we will explore together on this journey...



Truth, Spirit and Soul

Knowing the true self is knowing the deep call of the soul.
Did you know everyone has the innate ability to expand their perspective far beyond the physical eyes?
How would it feel if you could come from that expanded understanding, to help hear the call of the soul, and learn to give it access points to speak?

In the course:

  • explore opportunities for you to dialogue from your soul, stand with power and speak with radical authenticity

  • have fun playing with practices that help enhance the intuitive and magical self

  • unfurl the constriction around your tender beautiful heart and step up into your truth

Practices include: conscious touch practice, group ritual, developing intuitive abilities, spirit guide journeying...


Sensuality and Creation

Do you feel like you're holding back from calling in the radiant fullness of your sensual and creative nature?
Our sexual nature is directly connected to our ability for creative energy to flow, and the more we restrict the flow, the more we can miss the opportunity to be a clear channel (for whatever you'd like to create in your life).
By finding the point of connection between sensual embodiement and creativity, it allows us ease and grace with helping our dreams to take shape in the physical world!

In the course:

  • you will be guided into processes that can help you to access the sacred and divine nature of your sexually alive being

  • learn how to facilitate growth of your inner creative

  • solidify a healthier relationship with pleasure and desires, having clear boundaries, learning to give and receive love without conditions, releasing shame

Practices include: inner polarity exploration, creative therapeutic techniques, inner pleasure connection, dance...
**This is a clothing optional journey at all times, but not necessary for any practice


The Shamanic Landscape

The shamanic path deepens our connection to the earth and to the cosmos.
We can get so caught up in the western reality of "go go go", that there sometimes tends to be a harsh severing of that clear connection to source for long periods at a time.
When we allow ourselves to drop into sacred space, with reverence and a playful "seeker" curiosity, our ability to speak to source and revel in the wild magick available around us in any given moment, can be a profound coming home experience.

In the course:

  • be initiated into the death of the old, and into the birth of a more embodied self

  • gifted techniques to reconnect with the earth (and your self) in new ways

  • learn how to tap deep into the unbound wilderness within you

Practices include: ritual initiation and journeying, the underworld, learning to connect and speak with guides, energy tapping and cutting cords...


“I’VE done so many different workshops, what makes this DIFFERENT?”

This is not just a one track exploration, it incorporates many different practices and processes from loads of modalities and lineages, to ensure that the content is not just recycled information that you've heard a million times before. The intention is to journey through initiation and then gift you with valuable tools and skills that you can then take forward into your life, and use at any point in the future to help come back to your centre.

"Who are you? How do I know you can facilitate this journey?"

People around the world know me through my work as a Photographer (which has been my main focus for a long time now), and through that work I have been facilitating solid spaces of self love and presence both one on one, and in groups for many years.
However, I have heard the call of my soul which desires deeply to offer even more of what I truly know I have to gift to the world, so this is why I have created this 8 week journey.
This is my way of stepping truly into my own leader, and I am encouraging and supporting you to do the same!
My background includes Trans-personal Art Therapy, Pagan Witchcraft, Drama, Hypnotherapy, Facilitating Women's Moon Circles, ISTA (International School of Temples Arts), Tantra, Counseling, Alien Technology and Ancient Studies, Shamanic Drumming and Journey work, Sociology, Art, Mental Health and Wellness... and many other modalities, so I have created this from over a decade of my own experience exploring and studying these practices and processes.

"What does this journey involve?"

Walking the worlds is an exploration designed to help empower, inspire, grow and support the inner leader we all have within us. This exploration is not just about quick fixes, but rather an opportunity to learn new ways of relating with yourself, and gaining some new knowledge to take forward with you into your life, to use at any time you need.
This journey is designed to challenge you, open you, and help create new inner pathways of connection, pleasure, power, creativity, inspiration, and peace.
If I gave away what actually happens in the journey, it would take away from the surrender to the mystery, but if you feel called, even if it's faint... follow it!
Even if you don’t have all your questions answered right now, trust your gut!

"how do I know if this journey is for me?"

The journey is designed to help people to come more fully into their authentic, shamanic, magical, spiritual, sexy leaders. This is to help you become a human who will have anchored an incredible understanding of their soul path, and know what it is to show up in the world as a grounded, opened hearted, and equally radiant being.

.The world you desire to live in, starts with you.


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