aleira moon

work with me

How to work with me

There are several ways for us to work together, below are the options that you can choose from.


Portraits & love

This is your option if you feel a calling to gift yourself a bespoke self love shoot, as a coming home to your unique beauty.
This option is also for creative pregnancy shoots, lovingly crafted couple portraits, and unique sex worker folios.

*all sizes, genders and races are welcome*


Fashion & Branding

For fashion and jewelry labels who are looking for high calibre and artistic campaigns/lookbooks, that really express what your label is all about.
This option also caters for entrepreneurs and businesses that desire to visually represent themselves and their business in an authentic and creative way.


Events and learning

This is the place that will give you all the info you need to know about upcoming events and workshops that Aleira Moon will be running.
This includes Walking The Worlds (an embodiment journey), photographic workshops, co facilitation, exhibitions and moon circle gatherings.